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Repair and service shop for Apple-equipment

iTech Store is a professional service shop for all your Apple-equipment, we offer high class instant repair service for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Service time to repair iPhone takes between 30 minutes – 2 hour depending on fault and current queue. Computers and other equipment often takes a bit longer to service because of software installation/backup and diagnostics takes a bit longer to iPhone

Express repair for iPhone, iPad and Macintosh

We have drop-in service in the store. iTech Store is a modern service shop with highly advanced repair tools and equipment and have knowledgeable Apple-technicians that do repairs and upgrades. All repairs are logged and recorded in three steps, one when you drop off for registration, another when the technician starts the job and a third when the repair has been completed. You can rest asure that your Apple-equipment will be handled personally and safely in our service flow.

We use original and used LCD when we repair screens on iPhone and iPad with a brand new glass, all other spare parts are either original or third party with the best quality.


Service and repairs

Service and repairs

We fix everything from iPhone to Mac computers with fair prices and warranty.

Spare parts


We maximize the life span of Apple products by reselling pre-owned units.

Sell your devices

Sell your devices

We buy your Apple devices, even broken ones. Get money in your account within days.


Advanced soldering on iPhone and iPads

If your device have considerable damages or broken connections, loose or damaged components or other non software related faults we can fix these in almost all cases. We are known to fix the most advanced problems and is knowledgable in advanced soldering of SMD components. Here are some of the most common hardware related defects that we repair:

  • iPhone is completely dead
  • LCD dark even when replaced with a new one
  • WiFi is grayed out in the settings
  • iPhone does not have any IMEI-nr under About or cannot be activated after restore
  • iPhone does not charge, even after dock replacement
  • Front or back camera does not work, even after replacing it
  • Microphone does not work, even after a new one have been replaced

The cost to repair these faults depends on the damage to the device and which components that needs to be replaced. Most of these issues takes 1-2 hours to solve and the cost is between 400-1500 SEK including material and work. Before we do the repair, we check if the repair would cost more than 1500 SEK and if so, we will contact the customer for the decision to continue.