products-pricelistWe repair Apple computers and phones* quickly and affordable with high quality. Original LCD and touch is used on iPhone screen replacements.

Pricelist for express repairs (in Swedish krona)

All prices includes taxes, work and material. One year warranty included on all replaced parts.

Express repairs are normally serviced within 3 hours. More complicated or time consuming repairs could take 1-2 days depending on what needs to be done. Computer repairs do generally take more time because of backup or OSX installations. Please contact us and describe the problem to us to give a more specific service estimate.

*) iPhone, iPad, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini
**) Water damage means that we open all parts and clean them with cemicals and replace the liquid sensors. After cleaning we test the logic unit with our equipment for any faulty part. If anything has been damaged we also need to replace that part. The battery is usually damaged as well as the backlight of the screen.